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Charming Ideas for Decorating Your Bathroom

A bathroom is a place in our home that we use regularly. Spent time bathing and getting ready and also relaxing. Decorating the bathroom makes it look homey and comfortable. Here are some inspirational ideas for decorating your bathroom.


The first thing to upgrade is the walls as they change the whole look of a room. Decorative tiles that have some patterns make rooms look bigger. Use light colours to light up the bathroom. To give a vibrant look you can use dark colours too. Don’t use dark colours in small bathrooms as that can make it darker.


Plantsmake a place fresher and also helps to purity the air. Use house plants like Lily, bonsai, money plant, snake plant. If you don’t have much time that’s also fine, some of these plants don’t need grooming or care. Using artificial plants also gives a nice impression and touch.


Open shelves are easy to use and give a minimal look. Place some open shelves on a corner or in sidewalls. Place decorative items or plants to give them a pleasant look. Closed shelves make a bathroom look tacky.


Lightingfixtures give some touch and character to a room. Bathroom fixtures need to be well-matched and placed to make them look striking. Diffuse lighting, hanging pendants or wall sconces look great in bathrooms. Use trendy and modern designs with led lights.


UsE organizers like baskets and personalised bottles. Store your essential items and towels in matching trays to make them look tidier. Place the baskets and trays in your open shelves or cabinets. Knitted woollen organisers can be made in the home.


Old looking hardware gives the bathroom an unpleasant look. Change old hardware or use hardware that is unique and designed. Rustic coloured hardware also creates an extraordinary look.


Use some tone of colours in your bathroom to give it a contemporary and special touch. Some accent colours like golden, copper, blue, sky make the bathroom look more pleasant. painting your shelves in some soft colour or placing an accent coloured mirror can work.


Placing some decorative hooks on walls or behind the door can be useful. Also, it can serve as a decoration if you choose a chic looking designer hook.


Vintage items like the always classic rubber duck bathroom decorations are always fun to look at in any place. So if you like vintage items then place any one or two items in your bathroom. It can be a vintage vase or box or any other item. Look that it harmonizes with your other bathroom decor.


Use picture frames to give it a personal touch. Some artistic paintings or minimal art can create a unique look. You can select any category of art you admire.

If you don’t want to spend so much money on decorations then choose the budget-friendly and simple ideas. You can also use a personalised soap dish, fresh towels and candles to give the bathroom more character.

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