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Should You Get an RV?

RV stands for recreational vehicle. Basically, an RV is a large, motorized vehicle that people can live in.

RVs come in all shapes and sizes – some are small enough to fit on the back of a truck while others are large enough to house a family – but they all have certain things in common.

For starters, most RVs have a kitchen area with running water, which means you can prepare hot meals or wash dishes without having to go out into the world and find somewhere to eat or clean your food.

Most RVs also have bathroom facilities like toilets and sinks with running water, so you don’t need to worry about going outside besides when it’s time to empty whatever waste tanks they might have on board.

Lastly, most RVs have a bed somewhere onboard, so you can sleep at night without worrying that you’ll have to roll out of your bed and venture into the world on the hunt for a place to sleep.

Anyone who has ever taken a camping trip knows how amazing it is to wake up at the crack of dawn and go explore while still being able to enjoy breakfast.

RV’s are often marketed as “no muss no fuss” travel accommodations, implying that they’re simple and easy to use. This is only partially true though. While it is true that RVs are a lot easier to live in than a regular house, they aren’t as simple to use as an RV might make it seem.

Sure, most RVs have toilets and sinks, but they’re not going to clean themselves. They also aren’t going to keep themselves stocked with food or water. And of course most RVs don’t come with beds or any other furniture on board, so you have to spend time shopping for all that stuff too. Keep in mind that regular maintenance is extremely important. You’ll require heavy duty towing in the unfortunate event that your RV breaks down on the highway.

But those are the minor details. The fact is that RVs are more convenient and comfortable than most standard hotels, and they’re a lot more fun to travel with as well. There’s a certain freedom you can feel when you realize that you can drive to any destination you want on your vacation without ever having to worry about booking an expensive room beforehand or worrying about other travelers in the same hotel as you during your trip.

Not only can RVs travel anywhere, but they’re also large enough to live in comfortably for extended periods of time as well – imagine being able to take a nap whenever you feel tired, or staying in bed while someone else washes the dishes for once.

Some people choose to live in RVs full time, traveling from location to location and staying in one place for a couple of days before moving on. Others choose to use their RVs as vacation homes, cruising around the country or world on a whim and staying in their RVs as opposed to booking out hotel rooms.

And still, others use RVs as mobile offices, keeping them parked at home while using them as an extra room during the day and an office during the evenings. While there are limited amounts of space onboard most RVs, it’s more space than you’d find in a hotel room, which is enough to fit a bed or two and maybe a couch and table if you’re lucky.

RVs are a great way to travel, and they can provide a lot of comfort and convenience as well. But it’s up to you if you want to use RVs for your vacation or to live in full time – most people end up using them for both.

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